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The biggest names in music came together at the VH1 Divas Duets concert in Las Vegas.
D-Mann served as the stunt double for host Queen Latifah.
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About Derrick "D-Mann" Daigle
A Legend In The Making
In 1997, before the term "Professional Street Freestyle" even existed, Derrick Daigle formed one of the first sport bike / street bike stunt teams named Las Vegas Extremes (LVX). Since then, many imitators have emerged, some even claiming credit for starting this sport.

Derrick "D-Mann" Daigle comes from a background of innovative thinkers. His own grandfather opened the first Schwinn bike shop in 1945 located in Chicago, and played a key role in founding the National Bicycle Dealers Association. This pioneering extended on to his parents also. His father, an entrepreneur spirit himself, developed a multitude of new products including Easy Off Oven Cleaner, Pam and other popular household items.

Now D-Mann is at the top of his field of Professional Street Freestylists. He is the most talked about, most photographed, most publicized, and most respected freestyle street rider in North America. A lifetime of work for some personalities, D-Mann has been featured in films & videos, television shows, magazine advertisements and articles, poster art, books, calendars and more. Daigle has also made guest appearances in performance tours, demonstrations, judging competitions and national award ceremonies. There is no bigger ambassador or harder working freestyle street bike professional in all aspects of the business, than Derrick D-Mann Daigle.

Daigle's work as a pro JetSki racer and stunt performer was the best thing to happen to wheelies since the invention of the Kevlar clutch...
Mike Seale
Street Bike Extreme